Was it a vision...
or a waking dream?

[About me]

I’m Ema(it’s a nickname).17.Spaniard. 

I speak Spanish (of course lol) ,Valencian (my second native language), English, French and a little bit of German. 

I know also Latin and Ancient Greek. 


BBC Sherlock, Hetalia, Marvel, Kpop … And many more. 

[“What inspires me?”]


Just take a look at our beautiful world. Look all the art is around us. 

[“What kind of music do I like?”]

Everything. Okay, i don’t like reggaeton or music like that, but… Other kind of music it’s accepted.

My favourite songs are, curiously,those who their lyrics are short phrases and have a lot of instrumental parts. It inspires me too much. 

Some bands: Sigur Ros, Télépopmusik, AIR, Daft Punk, Lykke Li, Bonobo, Passion Pit, Cake,Two Door Cinema Club, AC/DC, The Gazette, Eluveitie, Alter Bridge, …  

[Favourite Games]

Metal Gear Solid, Killzone, Zelda, Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted